Employee Personal Experience

 Rusly Winandar, Manager of the Year 2011

It is an honor and pleasure for me working in Prudential Indonesia, the best life-insurance company in Indonesia. Working at Prudential Indonesia places me in a collaborative working environment that allows its employees to always focus on providing best services for all stakeholders. It also offers opportunities for employees to take on new exciting challenges, contribute to company success, improve their capabilities, and build their career within a friendly working place. I am confident that Prudential Indonesia will grow stronger in the future and become a world-class company.
Bonita Desiyanti, Employee of the Year 2011

For nearly eight years I worked at Prudential Indonesia, there are many philosophy and work ethics I have learned, not only does the company provide a challenge to have a better career, but it also shapes us as a responsible individual, having strong integrity, and the willingness to continue learning from initiatives that have been developed. I learned about the desire to serve from the heart, creating a sense of comfort in working together, and supporting each other when facing job challenges. I am also proud that Prudential Indonesia also initiates sharing with others through many social activities. Thanks to Prudential Indonesia for all the opportunities given to work as a family and grow together. 

Daniel B Pouner, Manager of The Year 2010

Prudential Indonesia as a life insurance company has given me many valuable lessons in my career, where many opportunities were given to me in order to develop skills related to my work. I also greatly appreciate leaders that has been continually gave supports and also colleagues that is always in high spirit and collaborate for the company’s growth. Thank you Prudential for the opportunity and trust that have been given to me.
01_MOY 2011_res
 Faried Budi Cahyono, Employee of The Year 2010
I really enjoy the opportunity to work in Prudential Indonesia and this company has introduced me to a career that I have never considered before. I have met so many inspirational people, learned so many professional lessons, and discovered an inner confidence that I didn’t know I have. Prudential has made me a stronger person, with bigger dreams. I'm sure that it will guide me on my journey to reach success. Words cannot fully express how much I love Prudential. 
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 Richard T. Sukmawan, Manager of the Year 2009

Prudential Indonesia is a very supportive company and offer its employees the opportunity to continue growing and reach higher achievement in the spirit of professionalism and warm friendship. This is one of the major forces that makes Prudential Indonesia as the largest life insurance company and provide the best-in-class services to the its customers.
 Abdul Qahar, Employee of the Year 2009

It is a pleasure to work in Prudential Indonesia, a company that has always been and continues to motivate each and every employee to build their career, leaders who always motivate their team, slogan or motto that is always communicated to employees, openly shared information from the company about the progress of the company and of course full support from the company to its staff. All of this makes the staff grow together to make Prudential Indonesia the best life insurance company in Indonesia.
Edwin Suparta, Manager of the Year 2008

"I have learned so many things in my 7 years of service in Prudential Indonesia and this company has given me many opportunities to develop my specialty in every field related with my work. I also enjoy working together and giving my contribution for the company to grow. I thank Prudential for the opportunities of a lifetime".
Monike Phoa, Employee of the Year 2008

"The greatest thing about Prudential is that its strength comes from each member of its family who always strive to give their best in services and value every improvement achieved. It?s been an honor for me to be here in this huge company with all other staffs. Strengthening family circle to support each other in every element of the company, brings Prudential as the leader in Indonesia?s life insurance industry. Prudential leads the way, all the way!"
Primasari, Manager of the Year 2007

"As the leading life insurance company, Prudential is an ideal place to develop a career and improve personal competencies in the industry. In the 7 years that I have worked here within the team and having open and caring supervisors, I feel Prudential has provided continuous support for my development through various facilities, initiatives, and trainings. I believe Prudential's ever-increasing performance each year is able to give benefit to the staff, customers, sales force, business partners, and the general public through varying social activities."
Dian Budiani, Manager of the Year 2006

"Prudential is a place to get both challenge and fun. Working in Prudential energizes me as such that joining for almost 8 years is just like joining yesterday. I am very optimistic that with its financial strength, learning environment for staff and respectful culture, Prudential will grow even faster in the coming years."
 Andre Yong, Employee of the Year 2006

"It is an honor for me to be able to join the Prudential family, one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in the industry. I have learnt many things, knowledge and experience-wise, from this company. With a very warm and friendly environment, I believe that Prudential is a first-choice company for everyone to pursue a great career in."