PRUprime healthcare syariah

PRUprime healthcare syariah, available in Rupiah denomination, is a comprehensive solution for health protection, which covers hospital bills as charged, based on the PRUprime healthcare syariah table of benefits (based on the selected plan)..
This product includes the PRUprime limit booster feature that increases the PRUprime healthcare syariah annual benefit limit. There is also the PRUprime saver feature, which offers protection at a more affordable cost.
This product is specially designed to cover the costs of inpatient care, outpatient care, surgery, as well as provide other benefits. There are 6 coverage plans available to suit your specific protection needs. To be eligible for protection under PRUprime healthcare syariah, the Main Assuredmust be between the ages of 1 month - 65 years (by the upcoming birthday) and can choose to be covered until the age of 55, 65, 75 or 85 years old (by the upcoming birthday).

Benefits of PRUprime healthcare syariah

  • Hospital room and accommodation up to Rp8 million/day (based on the selected plan).
  • Unlimited daily doctors’ visits per specialization*.
  • Hospital bills paid for as charged, based on the PRUprime healthcare syariah table of benefits and on the selected plan.
  • More affordable health coverage with the PRUprime saver feature*.
  • Annual benefit limit of up to Rp 35,000,000,000 with the PRUprime limit booster feature*.
  • Use the difference from taking a hospital room of a lower limit than the selected plan to increase the PRUprime limit booster.
  • Growing Benefits Feature; annual limit increases by 10% from the initial level if no claims are made during the year, up to a maximum 50% of the initial limit, with the Growing Benefits Feature **.
  • Worldwide coverage (based on the selected plan; except the United States).
  • Marhamah Compensation Benefit a benefit will be payable upon the death of the Main Assured.*
  * Based on the applicable policy provisions
This product has some terms and conditions and exclusions which apply. The customer is required to read and understand the terms and conditions and exceptions stated in the PRUprime healthcare syariah insurance policy.

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