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Supporting The Growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Prudential Indonesia Launches PRUWorks

PRUWorks is a digital, one-stop group insurance service for business owners, Human Resources teams and employees to access their insurance needs


Jakarta, June 19, 2019 - PT Prudential Life Assurance (Prudential Indonesia) today launched PRUWorks, a digital, one-stop insurance-services platform designed to help Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSME) grow their businesses, in turn supporting the growth of Indonesia's economy.

Jens Reisch, President Director Prudential Indonesia said,"PRUWorks for MSME is the latest innovation from Prudential Indonesia for employee benefits that provide convenience and simplicity for MSME business owners right from the stage of policy submission. The benefits can be adjusted to the size, needs and budget of the company. The launch of PRUWorks for MSME is in line with Prudential’s We Do campaign, which focuses on health and technology. Our latest offering is expected to provide a comprehensive solution for MSMEs, which is the backbone of the nation's economy."

The number of MSMEs in Indonesia is increasing every year. MSME absorbs a huge portion of Indonesia’s workforce and as such has an important role in driving the country’s economic growth. On the other hand, MSMEs are also facing various challenges and risks, especially those related to corporate financial planning.

Jens explained, in line with the company’s commitment to listening and understanding the needs of MSMEs, Prudential Indonesia is delivering a solution that will introduce insurance protection to MSMEs so that they can focus on growing their businesses.

Based on the data about the development of MSMEs in 2017 from the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia, there were 62.92 million MSME business units in Indonesia with contributions reaching Rp7.704 trillion or 60% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The growth in the number of MSMEs in Indonesia means that they are able to absorb a workforce of more than 116 million people.[1]

M. Ikhsan Ingratubun, Chairman of the Indonesian Association of MSMEs (Asosiasi UMKM Indonesia - Akumindo) said the outstanding potential of MSMEs is attributable to the instrumental role of their employees. Therefore, workforce protection in the MSME sector calls for immediate attention from both the government and private sectors including MSME players, allowing the MSMEs to optimise their potential to grow.

"The tight competition calls for MSMEs to continue to innovate. It often causes them to neglect the importance of protection for their employees, who play important roles in their business growth. MSME players need to realise that protection on the health, security and future of their employees is crucial to their performance and their efforts to contribute to the company," said Ikhsan.

Prudential Indonesia believes PRUWorks will be an added value to MSMEs in their efforts to increase employee productivity, and even reduce employee turnover in a business. Willis Towers Watson 2017/2018 Asia Pacific Benefit Trends Survey finds benefit strategy as a key driver to determine strategic talent goals.

In the survey conducted from April to June 2017 covering 1,141 employees in various countries, including Indonesia, 61% employers think employee benefits improve attraction and retention, while 53% employers think employee benefits improve employee engagement with their jobs, and 67% employees highly value their benefits package.[2]

With Innovative Technology, protecting employees easily from the start

PRUWorks provides a one-stop digital experience to business owners, Human Resources teams, and employees in accessing their insurance needs, which can be carried out anytime and anywhere via a mobile app or a website. This electronic submission is the first of its kind offered by an insurance company in Indonesia.

PRUWorks offers the following key benefits to business owners and their employees:

  • EASY requirements: Comprehensive group insurance coverage for business entities with a minimum of 5 employees
  • EASY benefits: Various choices of plan and sum assured that can be adjusted to the needs of the company
  • EASY submission: Paperless services for the process of submitting a collection of insurance policies starting from proposal submission, group insurance submission (eSPAK) and uploading a collection of insurance policies through the PRUWorks system
  • EASY access: Easy access to policy information, benefits and claims and participation process through PRUWorks for employers & employees
  • EASY claim: Cashless treatment in more than 1,000 hospitals and clinics partner, eClaim submission through PRUWorks for employees

The comprehensive life and health protection plans that will be available for employees through PRUWorks are:

  • PRUCorporate Life: Group life insurance that provides Death Insurance supplemented with optional benefits of Total and Permanent Disability, Critical Illness, Terminal Illness and Accidental Deaths Cover
  • PRUCorporate Personal Accident: Group accident insurance that provides Death Cover due to Accidents equipped with optional benefits including Accidental Disability and Accidental Medical Fee Reimbursement benefits
  • PRUCorporate Medical: Group health insurance that provides Medical Reimbursement for Inpatient treatment that can be supplemented with optional benefits including Labour, Outpatient Care, Dental Care and Eye Care

PRUWorks further strengthens Prudential Indonesia's commitment to continually innovate along with the rapid advancement of technology and evolving needs of people, especially those of MSME business owners in Indonesia.

"Prudential Indonesia is grateful for the trust that has been given to us and has made us a leading insurance company in Indonesia. This trust means we should continue to strengthen our commitment to always innovate and support customers at every stage of their lives," Jens concluded.



About Prudential Indonesia

PT Prudential Life Assurance (Prudential Indonesia) was established in 1995 and is part of Prudential PLC, London - England. In Asia, Prudential Indonesia is based in the regional office of Prudential Corporation Asia (PCA), which is based in Hong Kong. By combining Prudential's international experience in life insurance with knowledge of the procedures of local business, Prudential Indonesia is committed to developing its business in Indonesia.

Since launching its first unit-linked product in 1999, Prudential Indonesia is the market leader for these products in Indonesia. Prudential Indonesia has established a Sharia Business Unit since 2007 and is trusted as the leader in the Sharia life insurance market in Indonesia since its establishment.

As of December 31, 2018, Prudential Indonesia has a head office in Jakarta with 6 marketing offices in Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Denpasar, Medan and Batam and 404 Mandiri Marketing Offices (KPM) throughout Indonesia. As of the end of 2018 Prudential Indonesia served more than 2.1 million customers supported by more than 250,000 licensed Marketers.


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